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Customer Testimonials for B & B Motors

Courtney Sattler - Facebook Customer Review


A very pleasant experience and a great, fair, honest person to buy from. Does anything and everything he can to make his customers happy! He spent a lot of time looking for just the right car for me.

Daniell Sidoti - Google Customer Review


We looked at a lot of vehicles for our daughter and found the perfect one at B & B Motors! Great customer service! Donnie was great! He took care of us in timely manner. The car was clean. We called ahead and he gave us a perfect description of it. Plus the pictures he posted were a huge help! I would recommend them to anyone. And we will return when we need another vehicle. Thank you Donnie!

Tim Hamilton - Google Customer Review

"Very good guy will work with you!"

Angela Possage - Facebook Custmore Review

"Donnie was great to work with and I love my car thanks for all your help!"

Mike Rosenbum - Facebook Customer Review

"friendly salesman.. good deal."

Dan & Pat Harrold - Google Customer Review

"Great place to buy a vehicle. Very caring and helpful. Thank you again."

Jennifer Quarterman - Google Customer Review

"10/10 this guy is awesome . was very helpful and got us a bogger car! thank you so much. he will do what he can to get ya in a car and going!!"

Clinton Tanlyer - Google Customer Review


Anthony Johns - Google CUSTOMER Review

"Excellent service throughout the whole process!"

Glen McMillin Jr - Google CUSTOMER Review

"Great vehicles , great people , great prices and financing. Donny really goes all out to try and help everyone. Amazing experience. Thank you Donny Sattler and B&B Motors. You will be seeing much more of us."

Kira Labon - Facebook CUSTOMER Review

"Got a great car for a great price!"

Corey Welsh - Facebook CUSTOMER Review

"A big shout out to Donnie Sattler for hooking me up with our new ride. Thanks for working with us!"


"This makes my 2 car I bought w/ Donnie at B&B Motors ...he is fair and makes the buying part as easy as 123...helped me with financing even though I had issues on my credit. THANKS DONNIE! "


"Donnie is a great honest guy to work with. It was very refreshing actually having a used car salesman ask questions to find me the car I wanted. He has financing lined up as well, truly one stop shop. Will be back when needed."

Cathy Brown - Google Customer Review

I bought my car off of Donnie over 3 years ago, and he still stands behind his vehicles & his customers. He helped me out immensely today with tires. He definitely goes above & beyond to help out and keep you returning again. Great service long after the sale!! Thanks Donnie! You're the best! 

Nancy Mikos - Google Customer Review

Donnie was great to work with. Fast and efficient. Highly recommend B&B Motors for your next used car.

Zach Shaffer - Google Customer Review

"Got us a great deal on a great car!"

Jennifer Smith - Google Customer Review

"B&B Motors does a great job with us every time we are in need of a car. We’ve dealt with Donnie many times and he is always willing to go the extra mile for us. He’s straight up with us and we’ve always been pleased with the cars he’s sold to us. He’s earned our trust and we won’t go anywhere else!"

Amanda Rogan - Google Customer Review

so my car blew up on me on thanksgiving and i've was desperate in need for a car so when i got some money saved last minute Donnie helped me all in one day get a car which i absolutely love and i'm very grateful he helped me!

Amanda Jo - Facebook Customer Review

Happy Birthday to myself!! finally got a new car!! Before i forget Thank you so much Donnie Sattler at B and B motors for helping me get it today! im so happy!

Noah Wolf - Google Customer Review

Great service! Will definitely recommend to others i know

Tim Postle - Google Customer Review

Got a great car at a great price. Donnie was great to work with.

Gary - Google Customer Review

B & B Motors in Negley is the best place if you are looking for a good used vehicle...Donnie is the most Pleasant person you would ever talk to and funny,  I give him 5 stars!

Linda Thompson - Facebook Customer Review

B & B Motors is the place to go if you are looking for a GOOD used vehicle...Donnie is a great & very pleasant person to deal with. I have bought from him and so has my son. If you have any problems he will take care of it right away. He has a great selection or he can help you find what you are looking for. I give him a 5 star ! 

Kari Brown - Google Customer Review

Donnie goes above and beyond to help you get into a nice car at a great price. I will definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a vehicle.

Jill Coppock - Facebook Customer Review

Thank you Donnie for hooking me up with a great little car! Great, caring guy! I'll defiantly be back for more business!

Crystal Bonzo - Google Customer Review

Donnie is not your "typical" salesman...he has a big heart and will treat you like family, and will do his absolute best to put you in the perfect vehicle. He will also take care of you AFTER you buy a vehicle from him...I have a friend that bought a vehicle from him 3 years ago that needed new tires, he took care of her and got her new tires put on for her. You won't be disappointed.

Jesse Flaherty - Google Customer Review

I have purchased 3 vehicles now from Donnie. It is always a personalized professional experience and I know I will be taken care of. Can't imagine car shopping elsewhere!

Lynette Denning - Facebook Customer Review

I would like to thank Donnie for fixing my Subaru outback after the warranty ran out he had fixed the muffler, the wheel bearing and the sway bar bushings b&b has great customer service I would recommend buying a car there I know I'd go back there in a heartbeat thanks Donnie again.


Tawnya Groff - Google Custmore Review

it is hard to fine sale reps like Donnie, he was very compassionate & up front. Couldn't ask for better service thank you so much for your kindness you have shown me today I really appreciate it."

Jeannie Sensenbaugher - Google Custmore Review

I’ve known Donnie for years. When my Mom told me she was getting a car, she was THRILLED. When she told me where she was buying it, I told her how I’ve heard many good things about the service that Donnie gives. She was so happy to show me her car right after getting it. Donnie assured me that he’d take care of her - and he did. THANKS DONNIE !!

Marki Dailey - Google Customer Review

"Great Place!"

Amy Burkey - Google Customer Review

"Thanks for helping my sister and my parents with a great deal on cars. The process was painless to say the least. Your customer service is very much appreciated. It is people like you that make life easier. My next car will be bought through you without a doubt."

Walter Persing - Google Customer Review

"Thanks Donnie for taking the sting out of car buying. This is my fifth car I bought there. All have been great deals. I got 12 to 16 years out of the first four cars I bought. Great service, no pressure sales. The cars sell themselves. I plan on stopping to just visit with Donnie soon. He makes you feel right at home."

Amanda Freeman - Google Customer Review

Great place to deal with!!! Easy going works for the customer.... I have referred several friends and family to Donnie!!!

Josh Douds - Facebook.com Customer Review

"Thank you Donnie for giving me the car i wanted!!! Great service and Donnie will go above and beyond to get you in the vehicle that you want i got a beautiful 2012 impala at a great price with low thanks to Donnie Sattler".

Mollie Richards - Google Customer Review

"I have went to multiple different places and had no luck on getting into a car I wanted near the monthly price I wanted but Donny did and even better he got me under the monthly payment I wanted he is a great person and helped me when no one else could I would recommend this place to anyone he goes beyond for his customers thank you so much!"

Riley Mason - Facebook.com Customer Review

"Just got a 2011 Chevy traverse and couldn't be more happy with it. Thank you Donnie and B&B Motors!"

Amy Yoho - Google Customer Review

"This is the third vehicle we’ve purchased from Donnie Sattler at B and B Motors. Once again he has worked his magic and got us into the vehicle that we wanted. Thanks Donnie for your time and hard work!"

Lynette Denning - Facebook.com Customer Review

"Thank you Donnie. Great place to get a car even gave me a ride to sign the paper at bank and delivered car to me. Would recommend b&b motors to everyone."

Nancy Mikos - Google Costmore Review

"Donnie was great to work with. Fast and efficient. Highly recommend B&B Motors for your next used car."

Paige Miller - Google Customer Review

"Great place to get a great car! Donnie is a fantastic salesmen and can get anyone a great deal!"

Aysia Canterbury - Facebook.com Customer Review

"In need of a car? Donnie is the guy to see! He hooked me up with a beautiful car. He went above and beyond to make sure he got me into something and I can't thank him enough! He even offered to come get me when I blew a tire out on the side of the highway, and gave me 4 brand new tires! He cares about his customers and will treat you right! Donnie is an honest man, and will help all he can! Highly highly recommend going to B&B Motors if you're in need! Like I said, Donnie is the guy to see! Thank you so much, Donnie! You're a life saver!!!!"

Delilah Beacher - Google Custmore Review

"Donnie is great with working with people to get them good deals on cars! He's awesome definitely would tell people to go to him!"

Sonya Thompson - Google Customer Review

"Donnie is an awesome person to work for if you need a vehicle in a hurry.... He helps you get in a car quick... Thank you Donnie I love my car!!!!!"

Allana Baker - Facebook.com Customer Review

"Thank you so much!! I definitely recommend this business honest kind and helpful." 

Niki Alford - Google Customer Review

"Almost a year later Donnie is still helping me keep my SUV bought off him in good condition. He is kind and cares about his customers, anyone looking for a great car dealer I highly suggest B & B Motors!!"

Jean Douds - Facebook.com Customer Review

"Donnie is a VERY awesome person to see about a vehicle if your in need of one he goes out of his way to get you in a vehicle and I can't thank him enough very pleasant caring and he's not one of these dealerships that just cares about a sell he cares more for the needs of his customers I didn't have everything I needed but he took time away from home to wait till I came back I will never shop at a different car place again thank you so much Donnie."

Terry Lumley - Google Customer Review

"This is one of the best dealer's we work with, this is not an easy task. Donnie is warm and I have seen him go above and beyond to help out a customer. Their cars are in great shape as evidenced by their great claims ratio and at great prices. Call or stop and see Donnie, you won't regret it."

Amy Cope - Facebook.com Customer Review

"Highly recommend. I got a great car. Great deal. Great service. Very professional and friendly. Super happy with my purchase. Thanks Donnie Sattler!"

Alexis Eikenbary - Google Customer Review

"I just bought my jeep and it took about 2 hrs through him to get a loan and get my car! Also i needed an a part and oil change he took care of all of it for me! I would highly recommend him! He works out all sorts of deals for people!"

Anna DeGirolamo - Google Customer Review

"A great place for sure. Donnie sat and helped us all day to help go through options for me. I was still unsure a few days later as of what I wanted to do and Donnie just messaged me to check if there was anything he could do to help me. Very kind to customers and does whatever he can to help."

Kylie Rich - Facebook.com Customer Review

"Very nice to work with, got my in the vehicle I wanted, also very reasonable prices. I am very satisfied. He put new tires on, oil change, and new wipers before I drove off the lot."

April Bennett-Foutts - Google Customer Review

"Donnie Sattler, the salesman at B&B is awesome. He worked with me and got me a great deal on a nice car."

Josh Douds - Facebook.com Customer Review

 "Thank you Donnie for giving me the car i wanted!!! Great service and Donnie will go above and beyond to get you in the vehicle that you want i got a beautiful 2012 impala at a great price with low thanks to Donnie Sattler."

Riley Mason - Google Customer Review

"Great place to get a used car. Great prices, Donnie is great and will get just about anyone approved. Would recommend to anyone looking for a gently used car at a great price! Thank you b&b motors for my wonderful Chevy SUV i bought off you, i love it."

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